5 September 2012 0 Comments

Good old times

Good old times

Just stumbled upon this browsing my NAS. I sure had quite an amount of sparetime back then (being single opposed to having a wife and two kids). SoftD3D – a software implementation of the elementary features of the Microsoft Direct3D ™ 8 pipeline. Here’s the link to Flipcode: http://www.flipcode.com/archives/07-25-2002.shtml

13 August 2012 0 Comments

Introducing Photospire for Windows 8

When browsing Flickr:Explore last weekend, I decided that having this on my Windows 8 Start Screen would provide for an endless stream of daily inspiration and so Photospire was born.

25 July 2012 2 Comments

Zentomi Reader for Windows 8 Metro Video Intro

Zentomi Reader for Windows 8 Metro Video Intro

Here’s short clip demonstrating touch driven navigation and editing in Zentomi Reader for Windows 8 Metro. This Metro App is a direct port of my HTML5 based News Reader to Windows 8 HTML5/WinJS and a testament to the power of MVVM based UI Design. The View Model Layer just required a couple tweaks while the [...]

7 June 2012 2 Comments

MVVM in the Browser? You bet!

MVVM in the Browser? You bet!

Zentomi is my take on Feed Reader running entirely in your web browser while offering the comfort and features of a Desktop App. Zentomi is built on what I consider the best of breed technologies for developing MVVM apps in the HTML5 era: KnockoutJS, RequireJS, Linq.js and of course jQuery. I’ve also decided to not [...]

8 December 2011 0 Comments

Developing on Windows 8 Developer Preview

If you want to use the Windows 8 Developer Preview for serious development here are a couple tips that might make your life a tad easier: If you chose to run Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine go for VMWare Workstation 8. I wish I could recommend VirtualBox but unfortunately Windows 8 runs like a [...]

16 November 2011 0 Comments

Optimizing memory consumption for WP7 Background Agents

While implementing a background agent for one of my WP7 apps I ran into the problem that I always overstepped the current limit of memory consumable by a background which is at the time of writing just 6MB. It took me almost a week to get the agent to not trigger the memory tripwire. Here’s [...]

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4 November 2011 0 Comments

Sandboxing of Apps now mandatory for OSX AppStore

When the news of Apple’s AppStore for OSX broke I immediately predicted that this was Apple’s first step of turning Macs into the same walled garden as their iDevices. While that has not happened as of now, Apple just took another step into that direction by making the implementation of their OSX Sandbox a mandatory [...]

3 November 2011 0 Comments

Bindable Service Locator for WPF

One of the most commonly used patterns in my WPF and Silverlight Projects is the Service Locator. In the past I’ve been using my own service locator implementation which was just a C# class residing in the entry assembly of the project. Rolling your own SL instead of using the CommonServiceLocator has one advantage. You [...]

25 October 2011 4 Comments

TimeMachine restore from NAS OSX Lion

When recently forced to become a roadwarrior again for a couple month a realized a needed new notebook. My old Asus 17” 6.2 kg behemoth of a notebook with its outdated CPU and dog slow HD was not an option. So after digging around, I finally caved in and bought a Macbook Air 13” for [...]

10 September 2010 7 Comments

MongoDb LINQPad Driver

I’ve recently switched the persistence layer of one of my pet projects from Amazon SimpleDb to MongoDb. As a big proponent of LINQ I was delighted to realize that with NoRM there is an excellent LINQ based .Net Driver for MongoDb. Since am also an avid LINQPad user I wanted the same level of easy of [...]

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